Phoenixville Western Pigeon Club chartered in 1954. 

Pigeon racing is a sport in which specially bred and trained racing homing pigeons are released from a specifically measured distance and race back to their respective home lofts. The Phoenixville Pigeon Club's mission is to promote the continuation of this age-old sport through camaraderie and fair competition among its members.  The club and its members are dedicated to assisting, in any way with the care, maintenance and humane treatment of these unique racing homers.

RACE STations

100 mile - Carlisle, PA

150 mile - Sideling Hill, PA

200 mile - Somerset, PA

300 mile - Morristown, OH 

400 mile - Columbus, OH

500 mile - Richmond, IN

600 mile - Indianapolis, IN 



Gary Moore

Vice Chairman

Nick Lebresco


Gary Moore

Race secretary

Nick Lebresco


Art Jenkins

Recording secretary

Doug Greer

Benzing Live Coordinator

Robert Okwemba


Pat  Arabia

Ned Beamesderfer

Mike Butler

Phil Christy

Dave Conover

Marty Conroy

Joe Felice

Ernest Garrett

Wayne Geltz

Doug Greer

Bob Herr

Glenn Hoover

Dave Hoover

Art Jenkins

Bob Jenkins

Adam Kurpaska

Geert Kolvenbag

Nick Lebresco

John Liszcz

Bill Lynch

Panos Makrisis

James Mastrangelo

Keith Milbourne

Gary Moore

Robert Okwebma

Bryan Pegler

James Poe

Ed Rhodes

Jack Rhodes

Roger Rose

Paul Rubino

Gerry / Michele Sonnie

Bob Woodall

Phil Woodward


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